New Mar 23rd

18th Street; Maplewood; Saugatuck; 21st Amendment; and more!

New Mar 16th

Avery; Upland; Only Child; Off Color; Lost Abbey; and more!

New Mar 9th

Surly; Stone; Maui Brewing; Half Acre; Alpine; and more!

New Mar 2nd

Wiseacre; Victory; Lagunitas; Dark Horse; Upland; and more!

New Feb 23rd

Stone; Left Hand; Central Waters; Omnipollo; and more!

New Feb 16th

Surly; Pipeworks; Stone; Allagash; Anderson Valley; and more!

New Feb 9th

Bells; 3 Floyds; Small Town; Revolution; Maui Brewing; and more!

New Feb 2nd

Bruery; 3 Floyds; Perennial; Founders; Great Lakes; and more!

New Jan 5th

Only Child; 3 Floyds; 10 barrel; Revolution; Avery; and more!

Why Beer Bazaar?!

As our name suggests, we specialize in beer, by carrying a wide range
of micro-brews and imports from all over the world! We always take requests
and are willing to special order kegs if needed.
Click the link to see an updated regularly list on Beer Menus.